Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tool # 6: Using Web tools

     I created a online bulletin board using Wallwisher.  Using this, I could ask my students to name sources of light.  I could easily put my bulletin board up on the netbooks and have students type in their answers. Students could then arrange them into categories such as natural light / artificial light.  

     I have also set up another great tool to use in the nearby future, Skype.  I could use Skype to get students to establish relationships with other students/citizens in our district and then move on to other states or across the world.  When learning about community helpers/careers, my students could use Skype to connect with community helpers in our area and ask questions about their profession.  Also, my kindergarteners have not had opportunities to visit much beyond their own world and I feel a Skype visit to other countries might be the "hook" to get them interested in learning about other cultures.  I know my students are going to love this tool!

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  1. Great ideas for using wallwisher and Skype! Keep them in mind and I know you'll find other ways to use them as well. And keep me posted on how they go!