Monday, June 11, 2012

Tool # 3 Online Video Resources

There are lots of supportive sites available for teachers to use, but in this particular case, I choose three science related videos in Spanish from YouTube.    This site offers numerous bilingual resources. 
As we all know, teachers make decisions everyday in regards to the use of material (hard-copy or electronic) and how to use them.  Therefore, I found “copyright and fair use” information very valuable as it helped me “refresh” my memory as to what I can do under the law.    
          I also created a Dropbox account, which I’m looking forward to use.  Being able to keep resources in one place and have them accessible from different devices is just a great organizer tool and a time-saver. 

This is a great video on living and non-living

Two other great science resources on animals and seasons.


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  1. Isn't it fantastic that there are things out there in Spanish? I know the number will continue to grow, so keep searching! I'm so glad you found some things that will be useful to you.